Employee Recognition

All too often the best employees leave organisations because they feel that they don’t get recognised for their efforts.  Our Acclaim tool solves this problem with a simple tool that allows colleagues to thank each other publicly for the work they do and the support they give to each other.  It is a public “shout out” which goes a long way to solving that recognition problem.  


Of Employees Say Lack Of Recognition Is #1 Reason To Quit Their Job

  • Give all employees the ability to recognise colleagues  
  • They can say thank you with a few clicks of the mouse
  • They get the warm glow of recognition
  • You get data on all of the informal actions people take not just those when they are being assessed. 

The Hidden Costs Of Employee Turnover

Oxford Economics compiled a report to calculate all the costs of replacing an employee when they leave.    Costs include:


The Cost Of Replacing A Staff Member

28 weeks

Of Lost Productivity