Goal Setting

Instant oversight of your Performance Management process.  Identifying where there are gaps in the system.  The quick search bar takes you straight to an individual’s record saving you hours of time chasing up on reports or simply look at the team overview to see how different departments are performing.

Goals & Objectives

Get rid of the old end-of-year appraisal process and relieve your staff of that last minute scramble.  Using Feedback Loop, a regular check-in is carried out by the system employees stay motivated and on track with their goals and line managers are alerted to when things begin to go off-track and require a bit of support. Link these goals to your organisational targets and you get the results you planned for.

Professional Standards

Create any set of standards or competency framework within the system for each type of role in your organisation using our drag and drop Form Builder tool.  Use your own bespoke grading system that suits you and allow users to upload evidence to support evidence of performance improvements.  Pay decisions become fairer and more transparent.

Scheduled Feedback

Create a schedule of regular check-ins with standardised forms ready to be completed by both staff and their line managers.  The system then reports on which meetings have taken place and where forms have been completed.  Never lose control of your performance management again.