How many times have you tried a planning tool and given up because it was overly-complicated?

Are you spending time in meetings to check on progress only to discover that everything is going just fine?

We keep things really simple.

Save everybody’s time by focusing on areas where you are needed – projects that are heading off track.

Create Your Focus Areas

You can spend all day long checking off tasks, but if they aren’t the right ones, you’ll never move forward.

Set your focus areas and know you’re working on the things that matter most.

Use share settings to assign projects to the relevant teams to ensure you stay on track and headed for success.

Decide How Often You Need An Update

Project success is all about hitting your timeline.

Keep your motivation high and hit your goals with customizable progress updates to see if what you are doing is working.

Ask The Right Questions

Asking for a precise percentage completion rate is asking for trouble.

Describe your milestones in easy to understand terms – even if this involves a judgment call.

Create a culture where being off-track is not a negative, but a reason to get involved and help out.