Connecting UK Education to China

Educate helps organisations make use of the best education technology from the UK to improve outcomes for educational organisations within China.  Whether it’s providing meaningful feedback to teachers or tracking progress towards key organisational goals, we strive to enhance educational outcomes and share best practices. 

Strategic Planning

Remain On Track with Management Feedback Loops

Curriculum Enhancement

Implement and Track Curriculum Change Across Districts


Learning & Development

Create CPD For Your Teachers and Share Best Practice

Performance Management

Create Better Goals For Your Staff Using Science Not Hunches

15 Years of Experience

We have helped thousands of leaders create better outcomes for their organisations. From strategic plans, and professional development,  to individual performance goals, we help you get a grip on improvement targets to deliver results.  


Years of Experience



Our Approach

For more than 15 years Educate has helped deliver positive outcomes. Our range of software helps to alleviate the frustrating administrative aspects of your role, making it easier for you to do your job and get the results you need.


1. Consulting

Rather than provide you with an off-the-shelf system we work with our clients to create their own bespoke system - whether they are overseeing 18,000 employees or just 18.

2. Framework Design

Our clients use us to help develop performance frameworks that can be used to assess and improve performance at the individual or organisational level.

3. Systemisation

Our software knits together all the elements of your organisation to ensure that they work towards your strategic goals saving you hours of time and providing you with actionable, insightful data.

4. Reporting

Our systems generate a lot of revealing data and we work with those clients who want to use a 3rd-party system to integrate that data.

Customers reviews

What people say?

You know I love the application ......ok, maybe a slight over exaggeration, but it has been brilliant in supporting our performance appraisal.
We've got over 550 staff across 10 schools and I have complete oversight of performance management across them all. The tag based access controls they offer allow us to set up once and control who sees what and where with a minimum of effort. We're all using the same forms and standards and every member of staff has equitable access to support and deveopment.
I'm really happy with the way you've helped personalise our project; during Covid, we've had to change our way of working to use some software applications but you've designed this exactly the way we want and it makes me very confident.

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